Hey there, I'm the owner of Ferious Development and I am the one behind the scenes creating these HQ models for your needs! Aside from development work,I'm also a gamer, content creator, and more than likely I'm just like you!


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Hello! My name is HR Designs, and I am one of the current Livery Artists for Ferious Development. I started out back in 2016 as a web developer for a large roleplay server, than eventually migrated over to graphics design, which is what I mainly do now. I have been doing livery work for Ferious since late September, and hope to continue to work with him for months to come. If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to DM me on Discord @HR Designs#0001.


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BoJack is often bad-tempered and irritable, with little patience for a lot of people around him (notably Ferious or Pancho), who although give BoJack plenty of attention, are constantly insulted and looked down upon by BoJack's very bitter nature.



Hey I'm Mega but my real name is Zach, I like long walks on the beach and I love annoying people. Jk.... I'm Australian and these days I have alot of free time so if you need help let me know